Welcome to Grittleton House School

Grittleton House School is a private day school for both boys and girl aged 2-16, set in the idyllic countryside of Wiltshire. Offering excellent bus and car access to the local villages and to the Swindon and Bristol area.

We understand that paying for a child’s education is a choice, and for many of us it requires financial sacrifices. We also acknowledge that there is an improved State Education on offer.

So we know that our school needs to be special to stand out for your child. Grittleton is special. It stems from never moving away from the core principles gifted to us from our Grandmother, when she founded the school in 1951.

‘Achieving academic results beyond expectations’

To push every pupil to achieve academically, and give each of them the belief they can achieve to the highest level.

‘Idyllic, safe surroundings to learn and grow’

To provide rural surroundings ideal to promote learning and growth all based around a friendly family environment. Whilst offering extra curricular activities to excite and intrigue children and to provide a relief from their academic studies.

‘An education that lasts a lifetime’

To insist that an education is more than a child’s school years. It is teaching them how to be a good person, combined with exceptional manners, social graces and a firm moral compass.

Values we believe that will stay with them forever making them stand out in their life and always being proud to be a Grittleton House School pupil.

Julian Shipp – Principal of Grittleton House School