The Arts

The arts are a valuable part of the school day. They help to develop self-confidence, encourage teamwork and provide a variety of ways for pupils to express themselves.


This is an important part of the life of the school, with Christmas being a particularly busy time. By Year 2 pupils have weekly drama lessons and perform to a packed house in the Rainbow Theatre. When the weather lets us, we hold outdoor performances in our Horizon Theatre, situated in our beautiful grounds which gives parents and guests the opportunity to picnic in the sunshine with friends and family.

Art & Design

At Grittleton House School we firmly believe that art is for everyone. We give all our pupils the opportunity to enjoy and express themselves through art in their own way. In prep school pupils make the most of our dedicated art room.


We start early with music in the form of songs and rhymes, with glorious compositions involving tin cans and plastic bottles filled with beads! By prep school, pupils have regular music lessons and are encouraged to try out lots of different instruments. There are extra-curricular music lessons available and a prep school choir. We organise regular musical evenings and concerts for parents and guardians to enjoy.