School Lunches

Varied and nutritious school meals have been shown to have a number of benefits on the health, behaviour, motivation and ability of pupils. A lunch packed with vegetables, protein and fruit provides the ideal fuel for mind and body. Studies have shown that pupils are over three times more likely to be alert in class after a healthy low fat/salt/sugar lunch than those eating a less healthy meal. We also encourage pupils to drink plenty of water throughout the day, as being well hydrated is also known to have a significant effect on brain function.

Our weekly menus offer well balanced and varied meals with a choice of three main dishes each day, one of which is vegetarian. We use seasonal, local produce wherever possible. Fresh fruit is always available, along with mixed salad, wholemeal bread and plenty of drinking water. Freshly filled baguettes are available for pupils who prefer a ‘packed lunch’. We also cater for special dietary needs. Pupils are reminded at registration what they have chosen for lunch.

The school lunch is optional and pupils are welcome to bring a packed lunch from home if they prefer, which they will eat with their friends in the dining room. Pupils eat together over three rolling sittings providing an opportunity for them to chat with friends in a relaxed environment. Teachers supervise pupils during lunch.

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