School Life

Grittleton House School is a relaxed and welcoming place where all the pupils, teaching and support staff know each other. Older pupils act as mentors for the younger members of the school family and form a key part of helping them settle in and feel at home. We pride ourselves in the quality of pupil/teacher interaction, which includes a range of activities, social events and school trips. We believe that a school day should be interesting and stimulating, with academic work balanced against physical activity and the arts.

Lessons take place in small classes within a beautiful environment, providing an ideal atmosphere in which pupils can learn and grow. We also know that an enriched education is vital to the development of our pupils so we also offer a full range of activities and clubs for them to choose from.

Structure of school day

09:00 – Registration and tutor time
09:15 – Lesson 1
10:05 – Lesson 2
10:55 – Morning Break
11:15 – Lesson 3
12:05 – Lesson 4
12:30 – Lunch Flying Start Nursery/pre prep
12:55 – Lunch prep/Senior
13:50 – End of lunch
13:50 – Lesson 4
14:40 – Lesson 5
15:30 – End of academic day
16:30 – End of enrichment/prep
16.30 – Start of after school Twilight Club
17:45 – End of after school Twilight Club

Assemblies and house assemblies are held weekly and cover a wide variety of topics.