Grittleton House School is a non-selective school. Prospective pupils visit the school, take a tour, meet the Headmaster and have an interview. The Headmaster will offer places to those children that he thinks will enjoy and benefit from coming to Grittleton House School.

At present, Grittleton House School does not have a large enough special needs unit, or sufficient specialist teachers, to meet the needs of most children with a Statement of Special Needs. For children whom we can offer the additional college essay for sale, we will modify activities in order to make sure they can take part fully in school life.

Children whose first language is not English will be offered EFL lessons with a specialist teacher to help them develop their spoken and written English until they are able to fully take part in class. There is an extra charge for EFL lessons.

Our admissions policy is based on our firm belief that all children have unique gifts and talents, are different and have their own needs. We value every pupil equally.