Curriculum Years 7-9

Year 7 is first step taken in the senior school. For our pupils it can feel like a huge change, welcomed by most but worried about by some. Our aim is always to make this transition as easy and as positive an experience for each pupil. We start this at the end of Year 6 by inviting all pupils to an Induction Day. This is an opportunity to meet their classmates and their new form tutor, who will stay with them through to Year 11.

The first morning in the senior school is spent getting to grips with the timetable, new subjects and the layout of the school. At Grittleton House School we feel it is very important that the pupils can bond socially during Year 7. Friendships form such an important part of school life and the ability to make friends is an important part of being a happy and fulfilled adult. To encourage bonding, each year we participate in a different whole year non-curricular activity. These have included team-building exercises at Hullavington Barracks and at the Cotswold Water Park and camping out in the school grounds.

Pupils move in Years 8 and 9 with the same form tutor who by now knows them very well indeed, appreciating their gifts and talents as well as recognising areas that they need support and guidance with. Tutors monitor academic progress throughout, with monthly checks on attainment, effort, homework and behaviour. They regularly check and sign homework diaries.
In Year 8 work becomes more demanding and the amount of homework increases. Through PSHE we start to encourage thinking and discussion on broader issues such as individual’s rights and responsibilities in society, focusing particularly on the law and the Criminal Justice System.

During the summer term of Year 9, all pupils choose which options they would like to take for Year 10 and their GCSEs. We encourage them to think about subjects they enjoy and have a natural ability for and what subjects will be most useful to them at A level and beyond. Our teachers are always happy to talk to individual pupils and help them think through their choices and options. There are regular parents evenings and opportunities for parents and guardians to meet with teachers.

Curriculum Years 10-11

At this stage pupils have to choose which subjects they will study for their GCSE courses. The GCSE option groups are small and each pupil is supported to make their choices.  During the spring and summer terms of Year 11 there are regular revision sessions, often held outside of school hours. Our teachers aim to offer as much support as needed for pupils to have the opportunity to do as well as they can during exams. Historically, Grittleton House School pupils achieve excellent results at GCSE level.