Announcing The Re-Formation of FROGHS (Friends of Grittleton House School)


Inspired by discussions at the parent forum, a small yet enthusiastic group of parents have recently got together with the objective of re-forming FROGHS.  It’s our intention to organise some simple fundraising activities for the school.  The money raised will support purchasing new equipment or additional educational experiences for the children.

At first, we are all keen to work towards a relatively small tangible goal – this might be computer or sport equipment, books or learning resources;  and we will be canvasing pupils, teachers and other mums and dads for inspiring ideas.

Watch out for a FROGHS presence at the spring fair and the up-coming junior and senior sports days.

Contact us if you would like to offer your help or ideas.  We are planning a calendar of fundraising events, which will be agreed and advertised very soon via parent mail. Email: [email protected].