Pastoral Care

The school has a consistent and open approach to pastoral care. The emotional well being of our pupils is really important to us. We want their school days to be happy and positive and our family approach actively supports each pupil to get the most out of their time with us.
In pre-prep and prep, each class has a form teacher. The form teacher is responsible for the overall care of each pupil in his or her class. Parents and guardians are positively encouraged to visit their child’s form as they drop off in the morning. It’s a great opportunity to chat to the form teacher and see the latest displays of their work.

As children get older and become more independent, class visits become less frequent. Each pupil has a home message book or homework diary to ensure the continued open dialogue between home and school.

Senior school pupils have the same form tutor throughout the senior school and they play a significant role in pupils’ lives. The form tutors are their first point of contact and provide support through group and individual discussions. Form tutors lead PSHE (personal social health emotional) sessions, which provide an opportunity to discuss and express feelings and emotions. Form tutors chat regularly with other staff members to ensure they are aware of each individual’s progress.