House System

At Grittleton House School we have three houses, Hunt, Fleming and Tyndale. Our House system encourages teamwork, a sense of belonging, pride and a healthy attitude to competition and collective achievement.

End of term is marked with house matches in football, hockey and netball. The annual February cross-country is full of team spirit, with pupils who have finished, running back to encourage flagging housemates. The summer sports day is a chance to win points towards the overall house winner at the end of the year. The school becomes awash in the house colours of red, green and yellow. Younger pupils make banners and form cheering welcoming committees, yelling their house chants as their house team marches in! The final assembly of the year sees the eagerly awaited announcement of the winning house.


Our Houses

Inspiration for our Houses comes from three historical figures that we feel represent Grittleton House School core values – determination, persistence, service, courage, seize the moment and care for others.


Sir John Hunt led the first British Everest Expedition. We admire his qualities of courage, leadership, initiative and determination.
Hunt House’s colour is yellow to represent the sun at the summit after the long climb.

Hunt House Captains

Edward Rowell
Anna Moody

Hunt Sport Captains

Aaron Gray
Holly Sillars


Sir Alexander Fleming was a scientist, and the discoverer of penicillin. We admire his painstaking approach to research, his focus on working for the benefit of others and his creativity in seizing an opportunity at the right moment. Fleming House’s colour is green to remind us that even something that looks as unpromising as mould can be a key to unlocking an amazing discovery.

Fleming House Captains

Max Bray
Eleanor Armitt

Fleming Sport Captains

Charlie Hix
Lucy Dowson


William Tyndale was the translator of the Bible into English. We admire his life of faith and his work to help his fellow man to a fuller understanding of the Christian faith. Tyndale House’s colour is red to remind us about sacrifice and the richness of a life of faith.

Tyndale House Captains

Ramzi Mahmoud
Holly Butler & Lucy Howe


Tyndale Sport Captains

Hebe Horsley
Troy Fletcher & Francis Lofy