School Closure Announcement

It is with great sadness that we find it necessary to make this announcement.

Over the last few years we have experienced a steady decline in our numbers. We have made many changes and innovations at the school, however despite these our pupil numbers have continued to decrease.

This does not enable us to offer the education, academic diversity and environment that is associated with Grittleton House School, and that we would wish to give your children.

These sad and difficult decisions have been delayed as long as possible, and every effort made, in the hope that we could reverse this decline. Regrettably, despite all our efforts we have been unable to do this. It is with heavy hearts that we now have no alternative but to inform you that Grittleton House School will close at the end of the Summer Term 2016.

We will continue to support your children in any way we can to find new schools for September. We will also continue to teach them at the same professional level until the end of term.

We as a family have run the school for 65 very happy years, we have welcomed 1000’s of pupils into our wider family at Grittleton House School, we will miss you all and wish you the very best.

Best wishes,

Adrian, Julian & Matthew Shipp